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GrowNextGen industry leader

Eric Slater

Vice-President of Operations at Zen-Noh Grain Corporations Export Terminal in Convent, Louisiana

I am the General Manager of Zen-Noh Grain Corporations Export Terminal in Convent, Louisiana. I oversee the operations involved in exporting 12.5 million metric tons (450,000,000+/- bushels) of grains and oilseeds all over the world. In my role, I have general oversight and/or involvement in Operations, HR, Environmental, Safety, and legal concerns that affect this facility and her workforce of 156 team members. I also have responsibilities to support and represent our parent company (Zen-Noh) and sister affiliate (CGB Enterprises, Inc).

I’m willing to connect with teachers/classrooms and provide background information for lesson content, set up a virtual classroom visit via Skype, and/or provide materials such as soybeans, oil, chemicals, etc.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?

The educational system is preparing industry’s next generation of leaders and the workforce in general. We as industry can either choose to be part of that process, and have a positive and proactive role in the future, or leave it to chance that these young folks will come into the working world properly trained and educated. Collaboration between the two groups is beneficial for everyone.

What do teachers and students need to know about your industry?

I would encourage everyone to look at this link. In short, focus on World Population. Food and the supply chain of such is only going to grow in importance as the world population grows. Whether it’s in production agriculture, transportation, marketing, or trading, those venues associated with feeding the world are going to have many opportunities in the decades to come.

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