GrowNextGen teacher leader

Jamie Allison

Biotechnology and Proteomics Teacher at Loveland High School

Jamie knows a lot about: biotechnology, stem

What about teaching excites you?

The one thing that really excites me, especially about teaching biotech, is that I am getting to teach the way students learn best—100% hands on. The biotech world is constantly changing and advancing. I get to do things with students this year that were not even dreamt of when I started the program.

What was your “aha” moment when you realized the value of using agriculture as a vehicle to teach science?

My moment hit within the first few hours of attending my first GNG event. There were some numbers presented about job availability. I went back to my hotel room that night and I rewrote half of the senior year of my biotech program.

How do you help students make the industry or real-world connection to what they’re learning?

Everything I do in my biotech program is targeted towards the needs of industry. Everything that the students do has deep roots in all aspects of the biotech industry. Whether the students are making a buffer solution or performing a transformation, the students are making real world connections.