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GrowNextGen industry leader

Kyle Poling

Field Agronomist at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Kyle knows a lot about: seed genetics, crop management, soybeans, agronomy

As an agronomist, Poling serves as a crop advisor for improved crop management with a focus in corn, soybean, wheat, and alfalfa. He serves the Pioneer customers and sales team in West Central Ohio, educating the sales team to provide information to farmers the areas of hybrid/variety selection and crop management. Pioneer is focused on helping their customers select the best seed genetics for the greatest yield per acre. A strong understanding of plant growth and development allows Poling to deliver tips around nutrient management, crop diseases/insects, weed control, and other management practices. Management recommendations are based on science and local field testing.

Pioneer works to improve yield and quality of food and feed produced by farmers throughout the world. Pioneer utilizes the most advanced science to improve seed genetics to produce crops in a more efficient manner while also working to reduce environmental impacts. Collaboration between industry and education can help build a bridge in the disconnect of how modern agriculture is working hard to provide a reliable food supply in a sustainable way for generations to come. The agricultural industry needs people with skills to bring new ideas forward in growing food, fuel, and feedstuffs for the world. Teachers are on the forefront of opening a new horizon of opportunity for students that have no connection to agriculture outside of the food they consume. Working together, we can help students find rewarding careers that match their abilities and passions with industry needs.

Poling can provide a look into modern agriculture through the eyes of a farmer, agronomist, and seed development scientist for your students.

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