GrowNextGen industry leader

Marie Nichols

Customer service agent and blog content manager, Meyer Hatchery

Marie knows a lot about: ChickQuest, eggs, farming, chickens

Marie Nichols provides a high-quality customer experience through the Meyer Hatchery blog with relevant topics regarding all aspects of poultry keeping. She also assists customers through the hatchery’s online chat platform and help desk.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?
It’s important for educational institutions and industry to collaborate so that future generations are prepared to meet growing challenges and opportunities now and in the future. Effective problem solving and creative thinking are vital skills that can be enhanced when teachers engage with industry leaders to bring real-world application to their classrooms.

What value/assistance can you and your company provide to teachers and classrooms as they connect with you?
I welcome the opportunity to speak with students in the classroom on career opportunities within the poultry industry and to answer teachers’ questions related to classroom poultry incubation, hatching, and brooding.