Kindergarten teacher Megan Smith at Berne Union Elementary was one of the 50 ChickQuest grant winners, receiving a set of student logbooks and a coupon for eggs to hatch. She sent this message about her class:

“Hello! We just received our eggs! I’ve put them in our incubator. The kids had a discussion on what type of eggs they thought we had. We researched different animals that come from eggs: turtles, snakes, blue birds, eagles, etc. They decided from their research and pictures that they had chick eggs. We have an essential question of ‘where are we going to find a place for them to live?’ We will learn about the parts of a chicken and the life cycle. Students will research what chickens need to live and what are good environments for them to live in. They know I live on a farm so they will probably say for them to come to my house! I am also throwing in there ‘why do we need chickens?’”

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