Graham students visit Farm Science Review

Graham Middle School teacher Beth Obaugh shares this report:

We had a great day at the Farm Science Review this year. We always start our day at the Ohio Soybean Council booth. We are so thankful for the Ohio Soybean Council and GrowNextGen’s support to get our entire 8th grade class to the Farm Science Review. 8th grade is a pivotal year for kids as they start really thinking about high school schedules and their futures. We enjoyed a group photo, pig races, cool squishies and more!

Anyone who knows teenagers knows that the way to their hearts and minds is food. We proceeded to the milkshakes, ate an early lunch, and met back up so we could head out to the Gwynn Conservation Area. The students had so much fun at there! They thoroughly enjoyed the lessons presented by OSU students and GNG ambassadors. Students learned about careers in agriculture and their needed educational requirements, about water quality, and they “built” plants that would survive the best. We spent an hour at these lessons and the kids could have stayed longer!

When we were down to our last forty minutes, we had to team up and split off. I took nine students to the AWS booth so they could do some virtual welding and torching. The next day, I asked Colten if he had told his parents that he was going to be a welder—his answer was, “Yes, I already thought I wanted to but now I know.”

The Farm Science Review has been a favorite field trip for our 8th graders over the three years we’ve attended. As teachers, we are so thankful for our students to get this opportunity. The kids always get way more out of the trip than we expect. We are so thankful for our partnership with GrowNextGen that allows us these opportunities!

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