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GrowNextGen teacher leader

Trisha Seckel

Ag/STEM Immersion (Ag, Food, and Natural Resources) teacher at Global Impact STEM Academy

Trisha knows a lot about: agriculture, STEM, natural resources

What about teaching excites you?
Playing a part in the education of tomorrow’s leaders propels me forward each day. The ability to connect students to real-world representatives and watch them begin to take stock in the problem solving ideas they brainstorm excites me!

What was your “aha” moment when you realized the value of using agriculture as a vehicle to teach science?
Just as the roots of agriculture run deep, the branches of ag cover a vast range of topics. Once I started at Global Impact STEM Academy and witnessed my first up-close agriscience fair exhibition, I was made aware of just how many ways students, and other individuals, can find meaningful connections to scientific principles through the food, fiber, and technology systems.

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