Supporting the best and brightest science students in Ohio

The Ohio Soybean Council awarded prizes again this year to students submitting projects using soybeans in the areas of agriculture biosciences, bioresources, biopolymers, bioproducts, biofuels, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and/or earth and environmental sciences. 39 projects were included in the virtual state science day judging.

Here are the winners, along with the topics of their research:

First place individual winner Exploring the Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Biofuels Lohith Savardekar, 11th grade, Dublin Coffman High School

Second place individual winner The Impact Of Nitrogen Inclusive Fertilizers on Glycine Max and Water Runoff Abigail May, 11th grade, St. Vincent–St. Mary High School

Third place individual winner The Effect of Acoustic Waves of Glycine Max Growth: Phase 2 Ellie Erich, 11th grader, Carroll High School

Team Award The Miracle Formula Joel Cheruiyot and Adam Kauh, 7th grade, Walnut Springs Middle School

Over 30 different people judged projects at the district and state levels this year. Mariah Cox, one of the science day judges, said, “I enjoyed being at the science fairs to see what our future looks like… research and innovation is going to pave the way. In middle school, my [research] projects were analyzing the effects of fertilizer, population control, and soil salinity on soybeans. I have been grateful to return a little bit by judging this past semester.”

Plan now to have your students submit soybean-related projects in next year’s district science fairs and at state science day!