Active learning at Farm Science Review

Graham Middle Schools’ 8th graders participated in a scavenger hunt that took them through Farm Science Review on a mission! They were tasked with finding out about careers related to agriculture, so they visited an equipment dealer to see the latest technology and a seed company to hear about the latest genetic traits being used on farms. They found advocacy groups and regulatory agencies that help farmers be sustainable, and they also visited the Gwynne Conservation Area to see the activities on water quality, plant science, and yield prediction.

Chad Lensman, Director of Teaching and Learning, said, “This is always one of my favorite trips for our students. They are always amazed when they see how massive Farm Science Review is! Agriculture plays such an important role in our community and across the state. Our students were able to see many career opportunities. Agriculture is so much more than just what happens in the fields.”

Lensman said that the students were amazed at the amount of technology they saw at FSR. “Agriculture is one of the most high-tech industries in the world. Companies and farmers are always working on doing things bigger and faster and looking for ways to maximize their money. Students were able to experience the amazing technology that goes into something as small seed genetics, how drones are impacting precision farming, and how something as large as a combine is able to rotate to act as a tractor driving down the road!”

Graham Middle School has an outdoor learning and ag focus. The trip to FSR provides students with real-life, hands-on learning experiences that will help them plan their career pathway. The 8th graders will also complete an ag-focused Real Money, Real World activity in which they investigate careers associated with agriculture. Lensman said, “As we know, 1 in 7 careers in Ohio is connected with agriculture. We have to make sure our students know what opportunities are out there and what they need to do to get there!”