The Ag Biotech Academy folks engaged in some fun and friendly competition. At dinner Monday night and again on Tuesday, they tried out creative soy hole games. These games were an assignment for Global Impact Academy students: come up with a variation on the popular corn hole game with a soybean theme. Geometry students brainstormed ideas and created several unique and different designs. The process took about 8 weeks to create and design a prototype, with at least three different opportunities for them to “pitch” their ideas throughout the process. The final pitch was done in a “Shark Tank” atmosphere. All students in the school were given play money to invest in the prototypes that they believed had the best marketability.

Among the designs presented:

  • Bean Ball—a trapezoid 3D-shaped board mounted on a pedestal.
  • Soy Hole—this board is bean pod-shaped with multiple holes.
  • Bean in my Boot—a game where you want to avoid the hole and get the bag on the boot graphic.
  • Life Hole—because life has its ups and downs! This board has triangular holes to aim for.
  • Don’t Stick—velcro board surrounds a hole worth the most points, with holes worth less point values on main board
  • Soy Skee Hole—a slide-back design that gives the tosser options for scoring.

After working through science labs, workshop attendees appreciated a chance to relax and toss around some soybean bags!