Kelly Mikhail teaches Molecular and Cellular Biology at Worthington Christian High School. She used GNG resources as part of labs on DNA conservation and alteration in animal and plant models. Mikhail said, “One of my goals was to explore why genetic modification is a benefit to society. From the lectures and discussions at the Ag Biotech seminar, I was able to confidently answer questions about GMOs and the safety of GMO produce in our diet.”

Students gained understanding about GMOs and their use. On a class field trip to The Ohio State’s Molecular Biology Department lab, one student asked graduate student Aaron Bruns if he created GMOs. Bruns replied, “Every day.” The student later wrote, “I did not know before that GMOs were even possible, let alone happening as common practice!”

Mikhail said, “The Ag Biotech workshop equipped me to engage students by demonstration, lectures and labs. When the students were bummed to use pop beads again in a DNA activity, after using them last year in Biology, I remembered the engaging demonstration from the workshop—we actually were the DNA molecule and acted out how restriction enzymes work. My students loved it! GrowNextGen presentations were clear, concise, and dare I say, ‘cool’!”