GrowNextGen brings the experts to you! Laura Lindsey is a Soybean and Small Grain Agronomist in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State University. She recently did a webinar on Soybean-Related Science Fair Experiments for GrowNextGen. Lindsey explained that soil temperature, a key factor in increasing yield, is affected by how quickly the plant canopy grows and spreads to cover the planting area. A new free smart phone app called “Canopeo” allows users to measure percentage of canopy cover.

So how can you use Canopeo in your classroom? Rural schools can ask neighboring farms for permission to take measurements in their fields. Urban schools with greenhouses can plant soybeans in pots, then use the Canopeo app to assess the canopy with variables such as:

  • defoliation (use a paper hole punch on leaves to mimic this effect)
  • growth of different soybean varieties
  • abiotic stresses such as cold/hot temperatures or higher/lower amounts of water

Take a look at these useful sources of ag information for science students:

Lindsey is willing to provide help with soybean-related projects. You can reach her at Watch your emails for news of upcoming webinars!