Aquaponics update #2

Todd Tayloe of Carroll High School is raising plants and trout in an indoor growing system. He reports on the project:

The new seeds arrived! We did some more planting. The fish are doing well. We have not lost any in weeks and they seem to finally be growing. The mealworm farming operation is going well and the students love feeding worms to the fish because the fish are quick to eat them compared to the pellets. We feed the fish about 25 worms a day, so if any other classes plan to do this, I would recommend starting a mealworm farm also!

We plant the seeds in grow plugs made of peat moss and then when they start to sprout, we will add them to the mix. Some of the lettuce is overgrown and needs to come out of the tank, but we are waiting until we have some new growth to replace it with so we don’t offset the balance of the tank.

Room updates: they are slowly renovating all the science rooms in our school and they are working on possibly blocking off a section of my room to make a permanent grow room. Not as good as a greenhouse, but it will be nice to have a functional room and not a tent (even though the tent has worked just fine)!