ChickQuest Adventures deliver home learning

When schools closed due to COVID-19, teachers were asked to convert their classroom lesson plans for distance learning. GrowNextGen provided a collection of virtual resources to support these efforts, but we wanted to do more. Enter ChickQuest Adventures!

ChickQuest is a popular program for elementary classrooms. Presented several times each year in various locations around the state, these workshops are continually filled to capacity with teachers eager to share this experience with their students. Participants are trained to present hands-on engaging STEM lessons and they receive supplies for their classroom. Students learn about animal agriculture, egg production, and life cycles and are able to see eggs hatch!

Thanks to our sponsor, the Ohio Soybean Council, GrowNextGen retooled key ChickQuest lessons. In a series of daily webinars, lead educator Heather Bryan shared education and fun with a wide audience. Students tuned in live to learn about:

These Adventures will be available on the GrowNextGen YouTube channel free for anyone to watch and share. Until we’re able to present ChickQuest workshops live and in person again, these videos are a great way to experience ChickQuest!