The Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) will hold the Ohio Science Institute on Jan 25 and 26 in Columbus. Look at these engaging active-learning sessions presented by GrowNextGen teacher leaders!

Soy Fresh, Soy Clean

Rachel Sanders, Pam Clark and Jennifer Foudray
Do you need new hands-on lab ideas for community outreach or recruitment days? How can you connect students to unique STEM career fields in ag-related industries? In this workshop, participants will learn how to use SLOPs (Standard Laboratory Operating Procedures) and STEM equipment to create soy-based products and will research STEM career fields within the Ohio agricultural industry.

Moving Genes

Pam Snyder
Are you looking for strategies that make complicated biotechnology techniques more understandable to high school students? Join us for activities that help explain the concepts behind genetic engineering.

Gel Electrophoresis Basics

Pam Snyder
In this workshop, teachers will learn easy-to-implement strategies that help students understand the basic principles involved in gel electrophoresis.

Water Quality: Clearly an Important Issue

Jane Hunt and Heather Bryan
Teaching students about the science behind hazardous algae blooms is critical. What contributes to this problem and how can it be addressed? In this session participants will perform water quality tests, use data to show the development of cultural eutrophication, discover what factors are important to water quality and what people can do to prevent water quality degradation.

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