Ohio Soybean Council ambassadors have been traveling around to share science and fun with eager learners.

Soy Excited for Science, Eastland Fairfield CC
A group of about 30 students investigated chemistry and food science around soy including making soap, lip balm, and ink. The students also did a career assessment and heard about agriculture careers.

Sauder Village Agricultural Adventures
Sauder Village hosts an agriculturally-themed week to raise awareness about food and agriculture among its patrons. We staffed a table one day of the event and facilitated soy ink with visitors (parents and children) to teach them about one of the many uses of soybeans.

Shelby County Conservation Day Camp
We facilitated the egg catcher activity with elementary-aged attendees to get them excited about agricultural engineering and problem solving and to teach them about how soybeans are part of a sustainable cycle: soybeans store nitrogen in the soil, and some soybeans are used to feed poultry who then produce manure that is distributed on fields to improve the nutrient load of the soil with that stored nitrogen.