Creative renewable energy superheroes

Look out, world; there are some new superheroes on the energy scene! These are renewable energy figures, ready to prove their worth and keep things going.

Donna Parker, a science teacher at Coffman High School in Dublin, found this idea on a AP teacher site and tweaked it to fit her plans. The school’s tech coach worked with the Environmental Science students so they first evaluated different infographic sites to find information for their projects.

The assignment was to create an energy “superhero” that highlighted the advantages and/or disadvantages of various types of renewable energy and conveyed the information in a creative way. Students presented their superheroes to the class as part of the CLEAN ENERGY LEAGUE that fight against the FEARSOME FOSSIL FUELERS. Other criteria included were the superhero’s name, powers, and a description of their lair.

Parker said, “My students outdid themselves on this project!” What a fun and creative way to share this information!