Call for technology curriculum—are you a prize-winner?

Deadline extended!

We’re looking for MS/HS curriculum based on tech applications in agriculture and soybeans!

  • coding
  • software
  • robots
  • drones
  • hardware
  • engineering

This doesn’t have to be brand-new material…..Already teaching tech in soybean farming? We’d love to hear about it!!

Submit your lesson to Jane by April 15.

All submissions will be entered to win $150 in Classroom Cash*.

Must contain ag, technology, and soybeans to be eligible.

One piece of curriculum will be selected for publication on and promoted through our teacher network, and will also win $50 in Classroom Cash.
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Here are some resources to explore to help develop this kind of technology/computer science curriculum!

What is precision agriculture? Why is it a likely answer to climate change and food security? What is the future of farming? Discuss the words that float across the screen at 2:07-2:20. Look up one or more of the companies and research what solutions they are offering. What types of jobs might be required by these companies?

John Deere offers several technologies including AutoTrac Guidance and Turn Automation, as well as AutoTrac Rowsense. How are these technologies possible?
AutoTrac Precision Guidance
AutoTrac Vision and AutoTrac RowSense Sprayer Guidance Systems
AutoTrac Implement Guidance

A problem is given in this video at about 7:40. Their grain cart is on the other side of the field when they need to dump grain. Can you solve this problem?

Much of the data farmers collect using data management systems such as FieldView, Trimble or FarmLogs is not compatible across systems (i.e. data collected by Trimble cannot be read by FieldView). ISOBUS standards have changed that so data is available to farmers regardless of the system that collected it. How might these standards make data analysis easier? What adjustments must have been made to make them compatible? Are there other adjustments that should be made to make data more useful?

Farmers need to be savvy about technology. At about 2 minutes into this video they are getting some instruction on a grain cart (for harvesting) and a seed tender (for planting) with a remote, that includes a scale. These pieces of equipment have several technological advances in them to help the farmer. Can you think of other helpful modifications that can be made to make planting and harvesting easier?