Drone demos at Talawanda High School

GrowNextGen ambassadors Kayla Erickson and Mitchell Gehret recently visited Talawanda High School, located in Oxford, Ohio, about 5 minutes from Miami University. Throughout the day Erickson and Gehret talked to the sophomores, juniors, and seniors in their FFA program about drones and how useful they are in agriculture.

After a PowerPoint presentation, the students broke into teams and build their own drones. Each team had sheets of paper so they could try different designs, and after about 15 minutes they had a fly off. Next, each team selected one plane to try to turn into a drone by attaching an engine. Some of them had to be modified to work, but the students all enjoyed seeing whose drone could go the farthest. The team whose drone was able to fly farthest won some candy as a prize.

After the hands-on experience, the students seemed very interested in drones and how they can be used in their future careers. Check out the drone lesson on our site!