Shannon Langston, a teacher at Russia Local School, attended the Ohio Soybean Council-sponsored Ag Biotech Academy last summer. She said, “I really appreciate getting materials to do the labs presented in the workshop. It makes it so much easier to implement new things when you already have the materials ready to go. I also enjoy staying current with new things in the field and learning about current issues concerning biotech, so I appreciated the speakers and the information we heard.”

To help her Biology students stay current, Langston had them go through the What do you know about GMOs? e-learning course. She created a handout to go along with it for students to record information as they went through the lesson.

Langston said, “They were excited to get a much better post-test score compared to their pre-test score. They were interested in how GMOs are regulated in the USA since it’s such a hot topic.”

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