Energy superheroes!

Who can help with today’s energy demands? We need a superhero! GNG teacher leader Donna Parker, AP environmental science, biology, advanced research in science teacher at Dublin Coffman High School, charged her students with creating one!

Students were asked to come up with an energy “superhero” to highlight the advantages and/or disadvantages of various types of renewable energy. These superheroes are part of the CLEAN ENERGY LEAGUE that fights against the FEARSOME FOSSIL FUELERS, presented as a comic book cover, trading card, comic strip/page, etc.

Student work involved doing research and then creating an image including information about:

  • where this energy source is located in/on the Earth as well as the largest reserves
  • main advantages
  • a main super power that corresponds with their main advantage/strength
  • main disadvantages
  • a nemesis that corresponds with their main disadvantage

Take a look at this creative work!