Expanding students’ career knowledge

Last summer’s Exploring Tech in Ag workshop gave Chris Klemm a broader understanding of the many careers related to agriculture, and he decided to share that knowledge with his students. Klemm, a teacher at Northland High School, said their science department has decided to stress career education, particularly in the school’s engineering program.

Klemm said, “I have found that my students have a near-complete lack of knowledge beyond a perception that engineers design and build robots and bridges and biologists go on to become surgeons, nurses, and veterinarians.” To help them see the possibilities, Klemm showed his students many of the career videos on the GrowNextGen website and led discussions about the careers.

Klemm found the Tech in Ag workshop to be very useful, and he continues to use materials from it as well as the GrowNextGen’s website resources. He has encouraged other teachers to take advantage of those lessons and more.