Exploration of Modern Farming outreach

How much does the average citizen know about modern farming? Ohio Soybean Council-sponsored GrowNextGen is excited about partnering with Battelle to provide a state-wide educational outreach, encouraging students, parents, other family and community members think critically and use interdisciplinary learning to investigate the latest farming methods. With agriculture being such a major industry in our state, it is critical to help people understand current practices and technology.

38 pre-service teachers will receive training to present these topics around the state with a goal of connecting with more than 8000 students. Participants become scientists and farmers and inventors as they experiment with design ideas around agriculture engineering, examine photography from drones to make farming decisions, and even create their own genetically-designed plants. The informal venues allow participants to learn at their own pace and level and to collaborate with others to share ideas and test concepts.

We’ll be providing updates on these events here at GrowNextGen, so be sure to follow us on social media! @grownextgen.