Exploring drones at Brookside Elementary

GrowNextGen ambassador Lauren Mellott visited Brookside Elementary recently with GNG leader Dr. Bob Horton to share about the use of drones in modern agriculture. This was part of an after-school program.

“We presented to about 50 students, ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade,” Mellott said. “They absolutely LOVED the presentation. I was a bit worried at first with the age range, but Dr. Bob knows exactly how to engage all ages and keep them attentive.

“While they were completing the activity, I could tell that they were really thinking hard! Many students asked questions about soybeans, drones, and agriculture in general. Many wanted to know more about the graphs of the infected population versus uninfected. Even more exciting, as their parents came to pick them up after the event was over, some of them got to teach their parents about soybeans and drones in agriculture.”

Our ambassadors are available to work with your students! Reach out if you’re interested!