Farm vehicles

Here at GrowNextGen, we’re excited about connecting the classroom to the real world. This infographic was created by Grant McHugh, a senior at Dublin Jerome High School in central Ohio. Grant explains how this project came about:

As in many suburban communities, our school district has seen a transformation from farm fields to neighborhoods, leaving most agricultural exposure for students in the past. However, my situation is different; having been made aware of the industry from a surrounding rural community, I have an interest beyond my school’s standard curriculum. At the end of my junior year I discussed this with my A.P. Environmental Sciences teacher, Mr. Crawford, who informed me of a learning opportunity called Advanced Research In Science (ARIS). This program offers product-oriented learning to students on subjects not covered by classes offered in their school, such as agriculture. Much of my community, myself once included, is not aware of the cost of equipment needed to run a farm. I set out to create infographics to compare equipment costs to the cost of items more familiar to us. For example, I’ve described the cost of a combine tractor in terms of pumpkin spice lattes. From the perspective of someone with limited knowledge of the agricultural industry, this and other experiences have allowed me to better visualize the path I want to follow in college and beyond.

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