“Food Evolution” movie screening addresses food facts

GMOs have generated a lot of confusion and fear in the food world. In an effort to help people become more knowledgeable about the food they eat, the Ohio Soybean Council sponsored a showing of the movie Food Evolution.

Forbes magazine says, “Marrying incisive explanations of the scientific nitty-gritty of agriculture and plant breeding with compelling discussion of why people seem wired to trust gut feelings over facts, ‘Food Evolution’ adds crucial psychological, social, and moral context, without which discourse on the subject often devolves to fruitless blows.”

After the screening, a panel consisting of a nutritionist, an ag communicator, a farmer and a science teacher discussed the film. Chuck Crawford, a science teacher at Dublin Jerome High School, said, “Food Evolution is a documentary well worth seeing. It lives up to the spirit of a documentary by allowing you to see both perspectives and to appreciate the complexity of the issue.”