by Abby Motter, Fort Frye ag ed teacher and FFA advisor

The Fort Frye FFA recently participated in the “We are Fort Frye” Community Day held on Friday, December 20th, 2019. At this event, local community members, businesses, colleges, and others set up tables to interact with students and talk about career opportunities.

The Fort Frye FFA represented the wide array of careers associated with agriculture by hosting three different tables. Students interacted with their peers by having them guess species of local wildlife based on footprints, furs, and skulls. In addition, table visitors would smell different food science flavors and attempt to identify them, and also labeled the different parts of the FFA emblem.

The biggest hit, however, was soy chapstick! Thanks to GrowNextGen and the Ohio Soybean Council, over 300 students had the opportunity to make their own chapstick and learn about the many by-products that come from soybeans, a leading crop in Ohio. Fort Frye FFA shared facts about soybeans while demonstrating how to make the beauty product. This activity was a great way to engage students and promote our FFA program!

Make soy lip balm with YOUR students!