Global ag trade resources put the world at your students’ fingertips

So how does an Ohio soybean end up as tofu in Japan? A new e-learning module and career video developed by a partnership between the Ohio Soybean Council and the Columbus Council on World Affairs helps students understand issues related to global agricultural trade.

This informative module covers the following topics:

  • what an ag commodity is and why they are important
  • how and why commodity trading takes place
  • how trade agreements can help open new markets for exports
  • what careers are available in the global ag trade
  • why being ‘globally competent’ is important in these careers

The e-learning module explains global ag trade in relation to Ohio soybeans, which are exported all over the world. Within the module, students have opportunities to reflect on their own career interests and answer questions to check their learning.

The career video features Clem Weidenbenner of Kapi-OH and Phil Karsting of the US Department of Agriculture. Weidenbenner, a commercial plant breeder, talks about how his company develops, produces and processes soybeans for food-grade use in the Pacific Rim, Europe and America. Karsting is the Administrator of the Foreign Ag Service, and he explains how his agency works to improve global food security, negotiate trade agreements and expand markets. Students learn about the skills required for these jobs, as well as many related careers. “I think the future is going to be really bright for anyone who wants to be involved in agriculture,” said Karsting, noting that global ag trade is key as the world’s population continues to grow.