The Ohio Soybean Council sponsored an amazing field trip for Graham Local Schools, who brought around 130 8th graders to Farm Science Review. Emily Burns, Middle School Ag and Internship teacher, said, “Our goal was to show students the many different careers in the agricultural industry and expose them to the new technology, equipment and mindset of people involved in that industry. I wanted students to see that agriculture isn’t just cows and tractors anymore—to see the diversity within the industry.”

“Our students went everywhere!” said Burns. “They wanted to see tractors, animals, the natural resources, the science.” Groups of 12 to 15 students were able to visit many interesting things. “Many of the students learned about biotechnology and precision agriculture. Also, many of them walked away saying how they didn’t know all of this was agriculture before they came!”

Burns said, “This transfers back to my classroom because I teach the agriculture class to all of the 8th graders and it will help them have a better idea of what we are talking about when they get to me. The other teachers can also refer to it in their classrooms when talking about specific topics and students will have had a chance to see how what they learn in the classroom applies to real life jobs.”

Learning more about modern agriculture will help Graham students with their new farm project. Thanks to a Monsanto Fund’s Grow Future Agriculture grant, the school will develop and manage a micro-farm business. Ohio Soybean Council-funded GrowNextGen is providing support in this endeavor.