Election Day means schools are closed, but that gives the teachers a chance to do some fun learning! A staff in-service day provided district educators with a variety of opportunities. GrowNextGen lead educators Jane Hunt and Heather Bryan presented several sessions on the science of soybeans!

Beans about water: soybeans and food science
What role do soybeans and soy products play in my everyday life?
This activity has students learning that many of the foods we eat include soy ingredients: soy protein, soy flour, soy grits, soy lecithin, and soybean oil. Next, they use the 5E science instructional model with a series of experiments to explore the properties of water and answer the question: What makes “NesQuik™” quick?

GMOs: What do you know? Breakout
How much do you know about GMOs?
There is a lot of misinformation about what a GMO is and what foods are genetically modified. Teachers can use this unit as a review or a compelling way to engage students in the topic of GMOs using a “breakout,” an innovative science teaching and entertainment platform.