Recently, science instructor Rachel Sanders and social studies instructor Jamie Lesesky and their classes at the Global Impact STEM Academy in Springfield, OH, were named the recipients of the Ohio Soybean Council’s first GrowNextGen Photo/Video Essay Contest.

Sanders, Lesesky and their students used both photos and video to demonstrate the impact of a series of “Women in STEM” events they hosted for local middle school students. Their female students used curriculum and resources from the website “to foster a unique interest in learning how agriculture and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) go together.”

Sanders explained, “By becoming members of, the female students gained background knowledge on biotechnology, bioproducts, plant tissue culture procedures, aseptic techniques and lab safety skills.” The students then used that knowledge to create and host four “Women in STEM” events for middle school females.

Lesesky said, “These events raised awareness about what STEM is and how agriculture brings STEM topics to life. Students got to practice making bioproducts like soy-based lip balm and soymilk soap.”

This contest challenged teachers to use photos or video in a creative way to tell the story of how using the website impacted their learning over the course of the 2013-2014 school year. View the winning video.