GrowNextGen provides training and support for preservice teachers

On April 12, GrowNextGen teacher leader Whitney Short visited with 12 OSU agricultural education preservice teachers. Short, an agriscience teacher at Anthony Wayne High School, explained the value of GrowNextGen’s resources, highlighted some of the AFNR curriculum, and shared how she has used the various resources on the website.

Short then walked the students through three labs to help them be more comfortable teaching the labs in a classroom setting. The students did practice micropipetting, used chromatography to separate kool-aid colors, and then separated candy dyes using the STEM gel electrophoresis lab. Additionally, the teachers learned how these labs can be used in the classroom setting.

The session concluded with a discussion of agriscience fairs. Short provided project suggestions and showed the teachers examples of display boards. The new teachers took GrowNextGen goody bags home with them.