Kochensparger named as a PBS Digital Innovator

GrowNextGen teacher leader Amy Kochensparger has been selected as a PBS Digital Innovator. This program recognizes “classroom changemakers: educators who skillfully approach education with a bold and fresh perspective, and who integrate digital media and resources into their classrooms in a way that sparks a love of learning for their students.” Kochensparger, an Honors Biology, Biology and Anatomy & Physiology teacher at Eaton High School, uses a “new and odd” learning technique to engage her students.

Kochensparger has used GrowNextGen resources in her classroom and is excited to partner with PBS, ThnkTV and CET stations, as they want to increase their ag science connections. Kochensparger said, “I am hoping we can work together to showcase the amazing technology and careers related to agriculture in Ohio.”

She’ll be attending and presenting at summits and conferences, helping to lead EdCamps in the area, and promoting educational trainings and connections between teachers and PBS Learning Media. “I will also be supporting and strengthening my passions for STEM education, energy conservation, and science education,” she said.

Keep watching for more info on this exciting partnership!