Layers of “soil” make learning tasty

Mary Wolf’s third grade class at General Rosecrans Elementary has been very busy learning about soil and soybeans. After a presentation on soil horizons, the students made their own with pudding, cookie crumbs, and gummy worms. Wolf said, “My students loved learning about the different layers of soil. I was amazed at how well they remembered the layers.”

“We have been studying plants in science and Sunbury history in Social Studies. Part of our local history is about farming and how it has changed,” Wolf said. “The Tech in Ag workshop helped me to integrate science and social studies. I don’t have any background in growing soybeans, so I’m learning about soybeans along with my students!” This week the class participated in the virtual field trip on harvesting, then researched soybeans. Next week they will test some soil and start soybean planting.