An exciting partnership between GrowNextGen and the Columbus Council on World Affairs (CCWA) will provide new eLearning courses and career videos to promote global learning in the classroom. “We seek to help students and teachers understand global connections. What happens in Ohio soybean fields impacts the world in many distinct ways, since Ohio is a world leader in soybean exports and farming,” said CCWA’s Patrick Terrien.

These educational materials will relate to the global demand for protein. Protein from soybeans is available in different forms such as milk, flour, oil, and infant formula. In addition, soybeans are used to feed livestock and fish, so soybeans provide food for both humans and animals.

The resources will introduce students to the global aspects of the soybean industry and the related careers: logistics, freight, trade, science, biomedical products, etc. “Students need to prepare for the global marketplace as both employees and leaders. Appreciating the interplay between global issues, global markets and collaborative thought is integral to success,” said Kevin Draper of CCWA.

CCWA’s goal is to develop globally competent students with the knowledge, skills and mindset to thrive in our global society. The Council, founded in 1975, has consistently created and implemented school-based programs that educate youth and community programs for adults interested in learning more about international issues that affect us all. “Showing that global is happening locally is at the forefront of CCWA’s mission. The work of the Ohio Soybean Council’s education projects and interwoven global impact perfectly mirrors our aim in preparing youth to lead in an interconnected world,” said Draper.

The global career videos will be available in mid-February, and the eLearning courses will be accessible in early April. Check for these and other helpful materials!