Making new friends through ChickQuest

Kim Bailey’s third graders at Fairbanks Elementary enjoyed the opportunity to hatch chicks. Thanks to the grant program, Bailey received a coupon for fertilized eggs from Meyer Hatchery and a set of classroom logbooks. Bailey shares:

“We felt we had a very successful hatch as we had 5 out of our 7 eggs hatch and the kids loved it!! We documented the humidity level and the temperature of our incubator daily in our logbooks. We discussed the many changes that happened inside our eggs each day and also candled in week 2. We saw some movement inside the eggs. It was hard to see in the colored eggs.

“We broke open store eggs to observe the different parts of an egg. We also weighed and measured eggs, which really helped with our math skills, and using a spring scale was fun. I left eggs in corn syrup and vinegar and we observed the effects on the egg shell. We engineered an egg drop as well.

We had so much fun and our feathered friends went to a very nice little farm. We are hoping to hear updates from the farm as they get older!”

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