Mission: Be an Agricultural Engineer and Catch the Egg!

Students in grades 6 through 8 participated in the Science of Agriculture workshop on The Ohio State University Wooster campus last month. Designed to encourage interest in STEM education, this is the program’s fourteenth year. The students traveled through eight different stations of hands-on activities.

Amy Jo Frost presented on behalf of the Ohio Soybean Council. She led eight sessions, interacting with 20-30 students each time. Students learned about the engineering process as they constructed an ‘egg catcher’. The goal was for students to understand the process of meeting a need by developing a plan, making a model, testing the model, and repeating the process. Students watched a video showing the inside of an egg-laying facility to make the connection between soybeans, Ohio’s poultry industry and engineering. “The students seemed to really like the activity,” Frost said.

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