A “SoyCow” is a processing system that can grind and cook whole soybeans into soymilk, from which beverages, soya “cheese” (tofu), yogurt and other soy foods can be made. The SoyCow can process 4 pounds of raw soybeans into 4 gallons of nutritious soymilk in about 20 minutes. This soymilk can then be further processed into value-added products such as tofu and yogurt as well as local food blends. A by-product of this process, the fiber-rich pulp commonly called “okara”, can be used in breads, spreads and many other foods.

Operating one system creates jobs for 3-6 unskilled people and provides nutrition to hundreds. About half of the estimated 3000 soy cows in the world today are in Russia, where they were introduced by the American Soybean Association-International Marketing.

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HT: World Initiative for Soy in Human Health