GrowNextGen Teacher leader Pam Snyder recently presented “Moving Genes” to over 30 people at the National Science Teachers Association (NTSA) conference in Nashville. This workshop provided strategies to make complicated biotechnology techniques more understandable to high school students. The participants were able to engage in activities that helped explain the concepts behind genetic engineering. They received materials as part of a grant project funded by the Ohio Soybean Council.

The workshop’s target audience was anyone who teaches biotechnology concepts, primarily high school biology, AP biology, agriculture science, or biotechnology teachers. It addressed biotechnology/genetic engineering/transformation/molecular genetics from a conceptual standpoint. Snyder said, “Not too many activities are available to do this. It is also a nice companion piece for the bacterial transformation labs that many teachers already do, like Bio-Rads pGlo lab.”

Teacher Carey Crain said, “This was the best session that I have attended so far. Ms. Snyder presented material that I will definitely teach in my senior Dual Credit General Biology class.” “Helpful connection to agriculture from genetics via biotech! Great presentation!” commented Judi Luepke.