New e-learning course: Water Quality

Farmers are working hard to protect water quality through nutrient management techniques, nutrient stewardship, and cover crops and wind breaks. The 4R’s plan includes the right source at the right rate, applied at the right time and in the right place.

Harmful algal blooms have gotten a lot of publicity lately. Excess nutrients increase algal growth in streams and lakes. By carefully managing nutrients, farmers can reduce algal blooms and protect water quality. Your students can learn about this topic in GrowNextGen’s latest e-learning course “Water Quality”, which covers:

  • water quality factors
  • cultural eutrophication and algal blooms
  • algae and ecosystems
  • farmers’ efforts to protect water quality

This mini-course, developed with the support of the Ohio Soybean Council, should take students just 10-15 minutes to complete. Teachers who assign this module to their students can set up a class list in advance to track pretest and posttest scores.

These units contain water quality activities to tie in with this e-learning course:

AFNR Natural Resources

Managing Nutrient Needs in Agriculture

Where Does Our Food Come From Anyway?