Our team is always learning!

GrowNextGen teacher leaders gathered recently for a professional development event. The Ohio Soybean Council sponsors GrowNextGen, and certain teachers are selected to act as ambassadors for the GrowNextGen program, helping to spread the word about this educational initiative. The time included a CRISPR presentation, a practice Squabble session, a Breakout Box puzzle, and dinner and fellowship.

Ann Brokaw of Rocky River High School shared a CRISPR ‘click and learn’ lesson from the HHMI Biointeractive website. This free resource helps students understand more about the process and potential of this tool.

Next, Dublin Jerome High School’s Chuck Crawford led the teachers through a Squabble session. A Squabble is a dialog that shows students’ understanding of the content reading. All students are engaged, because they can be called on to participate at any time. This activity gives them practice in active listening and participating in discussions, valuable skills for the future.

Pam Snyder then had the teachers work in small groups with Breakout Boxes, an immersive learning game that encourages critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. Participants competed to answer GMO-related questions and unlock different parts of the box in the shortest time possible. Teacher leaders may borrow the set of Breakout Boxes and create their own science learning games to use in their classrooms.

Several of the teacher leaders provided help at the GrowNextGen booth during the Science Education Council of Ohio’s Science Symposium. They shared about their use of resources in their own classrooms and encouraged visitors to check out the website and see all that we have to offer!