Outreach at PAST Foundation’s STEM of Spirits 2019

GrowNextGen was an Experience Partner for the PAST Foundation’s annual fundraiser, helping PAST to provide access to STEM Education and summer camp opportunities for 450+ Central Ohio kids in 2020! GNG outreach ambassadors shared several activities with the event’s audience.

Agriculture in print: soy ink Participants learned about the value of replacing non-renewable resources with renewable ones in high use products like inks. They created hand-stamped cards using soy ink, pigment mixed in a liquid that will not blur when put on paper. Inks made with soybean oil are made from a renewable resource, are much more biodegradable, and print with brighter colors that don’t rub off.

Engineering solutions in agriculture How does modern agriculture use engineering to address soil compaction? These robots demonstrate different tractor tread designs and how they affect soil compaction.

Making biodiesel from soybeans Biodiesel, a form of bioenergy, uses soybeans to create sustainable fuel. Putt-putt boats powered with biodiesel are always fun to watch!