Parker Hunt and Zach Huff, Battelle interns, were present at the Maker X event at Reynoldsburg eSTEM High School on Saturday. The event highlighted many uses of technology as a way to entertain, educate and approach the future.

Thanks to a grant from Battelle and the Ohio Soybean Council, college interns will be presenting Exploration of Modern Farming activities statewide this spring and summer. In Reynoldsburg, our interns demonstrated a model for using engineering solutions to reduce soil compaction. Three robots which are programmed to travel back and forth over soil showed the effects of different wheel/tire designs on the amount of soil compaction. According to our interns, this helps folks understand the need for engineers in agriculture to help solve issues, and also to see that agriculture includes far more than just farming. Automation allows for additional opportunities in agriculture engineering.

Maker X included 65 exhibits and about 1000 people came through during the day. Other demonstrations at the event included Virtual Reality meditation and gaming, technological solutions to transportation, student robotic competitions, UAV’s (aka drones) and their uses, technology in art, laser cutters and 3D printing technology.

The robotic soil compaction lesson will be posted on our website soon, so stay tuned! Interested in having interns present Exploration of Modern Farming activities at your event? Contact Sally.