Kelly Mikhail teaches zoology and immunology at Worthington Christian High School. She returned to Ag Biotech Academy this year, and here’s what she said when we asked why:

The Ag Biotech Conference is not to be missed! I wanted to return to gain the hands-on experience of new labs using soybeans. So much of the focus in our curriculum is on mammalian studies and students have little exposure to ag biotech in our urban setting. The concepts shared from peer teachers arms me and excites me to teach ag biotech in my urban classroom.

My most favorite and useful part are the hands on-labs. But those would be of little value without the experienced teachers and experts to back up the technique with solid knowledge.

It’s awesome to be an alumni! You now know a few industry folks, peer teachers and staff from GrowNextGen which allows continued relationship building and broader resource support. I practically drug my co-teacher to the event so that she could have the energy charging experience, inspiring new labs and new viewpoints for conducting the old tired DNA labs.

Thank you for making this event happen and THANK YOU to the Soybean Council!