Science winners 2021!

Congratulations to these winners in the 2021 virtual Ohio State Science Day! We’ll be featuring their research projects and findings on our website in the student research section.

The Ohio Soybean Council Foundation (OSCF) sponsors awards for the best projects using soybeans in the areas of biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, or earth/environmental sciences. We’re proud of these students for their inquisitive minds.

First place ($1000): Joonwoo Park, Grade 9, Athens High School, Chauncey, OH
The Effects of Exogenously Applied L-Tryptophan on the Nodulation and Overall Development of Soybeans Grown in Acidic Soil

Second place ($500): Kelly Dong, Grade 11, Carroll High School, Dayton
Improving Growth and Drought Tolerance of Glycine max using Ascophyllum nodosum

Third place ($250): Eric Goddard, Grade 11, Global Impact STEM Academy $250 prize.
Title: Do Cover Crops Affect the Nutrients Within Soil That Are Essential Good Soil Health?

Team award ($1000 to be split among team): Caylee Combs and Brynn McGrail, Grade 12
Lemna minor Fertilizer as an Alternative to Commercial Fertilizer for the Growth and Runoff Quality of Glycine max

Honorable mention: Claire Geiger, grade 7
Does artificial or natural fertilizer work best for growing soybeans?