Have you watched a good career video lately? Jennifer Boggs, ELA Intervention Specialist at Graham Middle School, used a GrowNextGen career video with her 7th grade students.

Boggs’ students are working on the ability to summarize informational text. They also have IEP goals that require them to demonstrate comprehension and give evidence of their summaries. Boggs presented the Logistics and Transportation career video from the GrowNextGen website, pausing it a few times in order for them to be able to record thoughts and data. Boggs said, “They really appreciated the facts being displayed across the screen as they were able to make visual connections to the verbal presentation. None of the students were aware of the transportation systems we use for importing and exporting goods. Many were really surprised by the movement of rail cars and semi-truck cargo. We also discussed the amount of jobs available for such a huge industry and the variety of prerequisite skills needed to obtain such a meaningful and rewarding career.”

One student commented on the amount of ‘grain’ that was being dumped into the bins. Though the students live in a rural area, they haven’t seen this side of the production. Boggs said, “I really feel like they have changed perspectives on the farming that takes place out here around their school. This is the highlight for me as a teacher—I want them to see where all of this connects and I feel like that short video allowed them to see many opportunities and foster some depth of knowledge. Most met the requirements by listing facts such as a 20% growth in jobs in Ohio for this field and that we are 6th in soybean exports.”

Check out all our great career resources! Boggs found out about them by attending the summer Ag Biotech Academy workshop sponsored by the Ohio Soybean Council. Watch for registration information on our website!