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Seeing that #agisSTEM at Commodity Classic

Matt Ehrhardt, Assistant Director at EHOVE Career Center, recently attended the 2019 Commodity Classic as a guest of GrowNextGen and the Ohio Soybean Council. He was amazed at all he saw:

This event was eye-opening, inspiring, and made me think about how fast technology is changing our world. In education, we sit in our silos in our buildings or classrooms and don’t look at career pathways or potential opportunities for careers most of the time. This event provided me the opportunity to examine the field of agriculture and all the possible pathways for our students that I didn’t really know existed.

As I walked around this conference, I thought about how these companies and industry, not public education, are driving the change of the Fourth Industrial Revolution! From driverless tractors, precision agriculture, disease control, high yield seed products, to urban gardens —these technologies are just the start! Farms are the true backbone of our country!

Thank you again to the Ohio Soybean Council and GrowNextGen for giving me this opportunity to see the importance of farming and how much real STEM is involved every day in agriculture.


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