Stuck without science fair ideas?

Tired of the familiar old baking-soda-and-vinegar “volcano”? The potato clock? The effect of colored lights on plants? Well, yawn no more—we’ve got lots of exciting ideas for your next science fair project! GrowNextGen has fantastic units that lend themselves to exploration and research on interesting topics. In our Resources section, teachers can find great lesson plans and resources for the classroom, and students can use these related questions as springboards for their science fair projects.

We’ve included below the names of each unit of curriculum, along with some potential student research ideas relevant to each one. Once your students choose their science fair projects, direct them to our new Student Research page. They can be among the first to post research in this new section, designed so students can publicize their research findings and work together on related projects!

Curricular Units and Potential Research Topics:

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Determine which bio-based hand-soap will exhibit the greatest bacterial resistance.
Which ice cream base will contain the most macronutrients: Vitamin D, soy or almond?
What is the protein concentration in different types of milk or ice cream?

Growing More Food

Determine which prototype will germinate the soybean seed the quickest in an abnormal environment, such as the desert or tundra, to feed the growing population.

Soy Beautiful

Which type of oil will create the best type of bio-based lip balm?
Can a bio-based deodorant last as long as a commercial brand of deodorant?

Are You Sterile?

Determine which growth additive will germinate the plant culture the fastest.
Which percentage of isopropyl alcohol is best for sterilizing a leaf for plant tissue culturing?

Can You Taste the Difference?

Can an individual discriminate the taste between a non-GMO verses a GMO corn chip?
Can an individual discriminate the taste between a smoothie made with 2% milk verses soy milk?
Does the type of shortening added to chocolate for melting change the taste?

Here Fishy, Fishy

Does the type of feed given to fish in a recirculating aquaculture tank affect the water quality of the tanks?

Which fish feed alternative will create the greatest amount of weight gain for fish in an aquaculture system?

How does the type of fish feed affect the plant growth of an aquaponics system?

Fueling the Future

Compare the burning time, heat output and carbon dioxide emission of biofuel made from different types of oils (or different types of feedstocks).
Design an apparatus to efficiently filter the undesirable byproducts during the process of making biofuels.