Students explore the role of soy in solving world hunger

Learning means more and lasts longer when it is relevant. Middle school students at Global Impact STEM Academy learned about the problem of world hunger and how soybeans can help. Then they explored aspects of this issue further and created an infographic to share their knowledge. This lesson can be found on the GrowNextGen website.

The students worked in groups and presented their infographics to judges. You can see the winning entries below.

  • Benefits of Soybeans
    Created by Aden Weaver, Sausha Threats, Olivia Ratchford, and Molly Stute
  • Soy and Breastfeeding
    Created by Lily Ramos, Isabella Cain, and Richard Dellapina
  • Power of Soy
    created by Chloe Patton and Abby McGuire
  • Transporting Soy Faster
    created by Noah Wooten, Landon Shelpman, and Mark Warder
  • World Hunger
    created by Ian Spence, Chase Fyffe, and Devon Clearly