Summer externship at Sunrise

Trisha Seckel teaches ag business at Global Impact STEM Academy. She’s participating in a summer externship program, working with Jeff Goodbar at Sunrise Cooperative. Seckel is updating the company’s template production plan that customers use in order to budget their production cost per acre of production depending on different variables.

“My main focus has been to update the custom machinery prices with more current data, add a double cropping scenario (wheat then soybeans), and eliminate as many miscellaneous costs listed in the grower’s planned budget as possible,” Seckel said.

“Through my work, I have learned about the specific purposes for each of the inputs per acre, seasonal cash flow, and the lending options the co-op provides, as well as the duties of a grain solutions advisor. The Sunrise family has been quite welcoming to me.”

This new production budget plan will be a real help to Sunrise customers!

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